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Highest Anticipated Book of Its Kind Launches!

Today marks a momentous occasion here at as we have officially launched the highly anticipated book, Mastering Your Timeshare!

 Each copy is $34.95 and if you opt to be a part of our newsletter family and are one of the first 1,000 book purchasers, you get a 15% off coupon! We are very excited after years of research to deliver this book to the marketplace.

Full press release below.




Pro-Lite Media announces Castle Rock, Co resident and Futurist, Serial Entrepreneur and published author, John C Botdorf has launched his first highly anticipated book, “Mastering Your Time Share”, now on sale worldwide and through the direct web site which can be accessed at . The book is available for $34.95 with a 15% discount to the first 1,000 buyers.

July 23rd, 2017, Denver, CO and Castle Rock, CO-Pro-Lite Media has announced that John C Botdorf has published “Mastering Your Time Share”, the first complete book to analyze this evolving $79B industry on behalf of the consumer. The 5.5 X 8.5 black and white Paperback is now available under the business and economics/real estate/general category. The book is also carried at Amazon and Barnes and Noble as well as ten other worldwide outlets.

About the Book-Mastering your time share provides a definitive guideline using proven techniques honed over the past 25 years on how to optimize and manage your time share portfolio. Written by a five-time serial entrepreneur, the author does a deep dive on the history, evolution, and benefits of how time share can be used to maximize your vacation and retirement at significantly lower cost’s than today’s alternatives for travel and retirement. The author has created several mathematical models comparing time share to regular housing, luxury resorts, and hotels and yields some interesting results. The author also digs deep into the industry to reveal little understood methods to get a lot more out of your time share, including how to use computer networks to your advantage by having them work for you to secure that coveted reservation at lower cost. The author projects, based on current and shifting trends, what the next twenty years will reveal about housing, travel and retirement models in the United States. The book also discusses how and why certain rare time shares are like an unknown famous painting just waiting for the next trend to uncover their hidden value. The book is comprehensive, impactful, and at 433 pages provides a unique and compelling value proposition for those interested in vacations, retirement, and travel at much lower cost using several mathematical models to confirm the conclusions.

About the Author- John C Botdorf has been a serial entrepreneur for the past 30 years and like most of us, enjoys traveling to 4 and 5 star resorts around the world. What he does not like is paying for them. The author has checked out of dozens and dozens of these resorts for over two decades, many that rent for thousands of dollars a night in some cases, and always leaves with the same bill, $0.00. Mr Botdorf used his techniques to raise over $100M in equity for the past 5 company’s he helped co-found or purchased at the seed round. During this time he needed to find a way to secure top-notch locations for meetings and family vacations, often on short notice. After years of “Studying the Math”, Mr Botdorf began to assemble a large portfolio of select time shares so he could travel more often, entertain at five star resorts, and do so at little or no cost. He now spends his time writing and is working on his next book, at you guessed it, four and five star time share resorts. In his first release of “Mastering Your Time Share”, Mr Botdorf  brings 25 years of back door secrets on how to maximize resort stays, secure that tough reservation,  and travel in much larger suites through time shares. His research included working for one of the largest time share operators in the world for 11 months, as a time share sales executive. His background also includes 25 years of acquiring and living part time in time shares.

He also believes the industry has been unfairly criticized with too much negative focus on the cost of time share ownership. Mr Botdorf, with two degrees in Finance and Real Estate takes this controversy to the test, providing real life case studies on how to manage, rent, buy, and utilize time shares so they “work for you” instead of the other way around.

Mr Botdorf proves with the right formula, time shares can provide a life time of income, low or no cost travel and provide powerful family and business memories. During his deep dive of the industry, Mr Botdorf also makes three bold predictions on where the time share industry is headed and how it will impact all of us looking for vacations, retirement and even everyday living. He makes the case that for most, living in high quality time shares can cost far less than living in your own home.

A portion of the book proceeds will be donated to two of Mr Botdorf’s favorite Homeless Shelters in Denver and Laguna, California.

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