In response to several requests from our clients we have formed a realty company  for the purpose of helping clients assemble and fine tune the perfect time share portfolio designed for their individual needs. We have taken our 30 years of time share experience and put our knowledge into a one stop shop to help our clients reach their vacation, retirement, office, and housing goals by understanding how to optimize time shares. One of our themes in our book, “Mastering Your Time Share” is how to do this at lower cost than today’s alternatives for achieving the same thing by using traditional venues like expensive resort hotels, apartments and condo’s, AirBnb, and second homes.

Our typical client profile is a family who may wish to sell their vacation home and seek guidance on how best to replace their winter ski vacation during Christmas and have three weeks a year in Hawaii. Others may wish to sell their home, downsize, and pay cash for a smaller home and then spend 4-6 months a year all over the world.

We have access to all of the major time share developers, as well as our own inventory, and relationships with many of the top time share brokers in the country. We are well suited to match your needs with the best the time share marketplace has to offer including our access to foreclosures, secondary markets, and off the market properties from top developers. The time share business is complex with less than (10%) of people who own time shares actually using them to the fullest potential. By fullest potential we mean getting the absolute most stays at the best locations, at the times you want to travel, and do so at the lowest costs.

We specialize in Category One and Two Time Shares and focus on clients who generally own 4 or more weeks of time share. We consult at a rate of $450 per hour and offer a one time session for $299.00 to anyone who has purchased our book. We advise our clients to read the book before booking your session with us because you will be significantly more informed and we can both make better use of your time.

Once the session is over we will send you an action plan, let you know the estimated cost involved, where to buy or sell, what company’s to focus on, and what type of time frame you should expect to acquire the properties. This action plan will result from your filling out our Time Share Analysis form so we can get you into the right time shares, with the right operator, at the benefit level that best suits your needs. Acquiring a prime time share portfolio is like buying a fine art collection, you can do it all it once but it is going to cost you more, and perhaps a lot more. If you have six to twenty four months to let us find the right properties at the right prices we can deliver a lot more value for your money. We require you fill out our Time Share Analysis form prior to our phone meeting. You can then use our plan to acquire properties on your own and through other brokers. If you prefer we can likely accept you as a client and your $299 fee will be refunded on the first closing with us.

Our main principal, John C Botdorf now travels the world and enjoys some of the finest five star properties available through select time shares. He only works with about two dozen clients at any one time and personally handles your negotiations to obtain the very best pricing.  Please feel free to follow his blog as he spends his time writing his next book, launching the Vagabond travel bag, and working with the time share industry to make Time Share Village a reality. Mr Botdorf has used time shares for business, family and for travel for the past 30 years.


The staff at the Great American Time Share Trading Company, LLC