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The Vagabond Travel System

In today’s complex world of modern travel we see consumers having to juggle their luggage, tickets, cell phones, lap tops, purses, wallets, computers, coffee, food, smaller bags, and even kids when trying to fly. It is no wonder studies show people tend to lose more of their things or tract of their  things when they fly. 

When you think about travel, our luggage was not designed to handle all of these things. When people first started to travel it was 1904, the first Model T’s were rolling off the assembly line and the idea of luggage was really just a large box with a handle. Today luggage is much lighter and comes in different forms and colors. But in the past 100 years has luggage really changed that much. Has anyone sat down and designed luggage from the inside out? What does designing from the inside out mean.

Well for one before anyone comes up with a design should we not  first ask what is the goal of luggage? .The short answer is to create a container that one can put their clothes in so they can move their personal goods from one place to another in a safe and convenient method. When you just look at the  luggage products of today it looks like we all just walked out of a meeting in 1904 and what you see at the airport is what you get.

Has the industry really addressed all of the items we now deal with in 2017-2018 that did not exist in 1904? Is there a better way to design luggage? The wheels of today are a big improvement but these systems can be clumsy and most of all were not designed to work with other pieces of luggage. How about working at the airport, storing coffee, being able to fit into smaller and smaller spaces. How about a travel system that recognizes this is 2017-2018 and it is time for change.

Welcome to the VTS product line that will be released in 2018. The first truly ever designed travel products that are designed to work together, work harder, faster, and in the process, solve a lot of the travel problems we face today. The design is so new, so innovative and so much better than what is available today we are holding off putting any pictures of it on our material until we have finished our patent process. You can however register to be one of the first 1,000 owners to own this high quality product. The first 1,000 VTS products will be hand numbered and signed by the inventor. After over 100 years, the wait is almost over. Welcome to the Vagabond Travel System coming soon.

-John C. Botdorf

CEO, The Great American Travel Company